AnimalKind's mission is to end the unnecessary euthanasia of adoptable cats and dogs in North Carolina shelters.

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Shelter Animals Count: The National Database Project

AnimalKind joined Maddies Fund Shelter Animals Count: The National Database Project this year. This project is a national collaboration for animal shelters, nonprofits and rescues alike to collect and capture shelter data.

AnimalKind is technically reporting “0” on these reports and is at a 100% live release rate because we only assist pet owners with spay/neuter surgery and do not technically have animals in our care. (The live release rate is the number of animals that left a shelter alive, divided by the total number of animals coming in (0/0=0 or 100% live release rate)) .

We felt it was an important movement to join to support this nationwide database, and assist them with their data capture efforts. We are also encouraging the animal shelters we assist to join this database effort.

For more information about the Shelter Animals Count: National Database Project Click Here

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