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The Great Human Race 2015

IMG_5368Saturday, March 28th, AnimalKind participated in The Volunteer Center of Durham’s Great Human Race. Hundreds of members from local non-profits gathered in the parking lot of North Gate Mall to support this wonderful cause. The day began with everyone setting up tables and listening to music, while waiting for the race to begin. As I looked around, I thought about how special it was to see all of these dedicated people coming out at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday to support so many wonderful causes.

Animalkind brought 14 members to the event including two student volunteers and a photographer. Despite the cold and chilly wind, we all had a great time and got some exercise in the process.

IMG_5369Through our fundraising campaign we aimed to raise $6,000. In the weeks leading up to the event, thanks to our donors and supporters, we were able to raise almost $5,800! (And we’re still receiving a few.)  Our donation page will be up for the next week. If you know anyone who could help us raise the last bit to meet our original goal, please share our link!

-Lauren Adams, UNC AnimalKind Volunteer

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